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I know my hiatus just ended, and I'm so sorry that my excuse has to be 'I'm too busy to move and I really dislike DW', but they're both true statements. Sorry, guys. Hope to see you all again soon.

Friend remove fatherlessness.


Back from hiatus

I am back! :)

Besides moving, is there anything else that I should know about?


I- I feel kinda bad that my excuse is "I'm too lazy to move to DW". But that seems to sum it up quite nicely at the moment. It's been fun guys, really! And I hope you keep up the cool at the new home and have some fun there as well.

Thanks for the game!

friend remove just_west


Hey guys remember that Slowatus?

It's now a Hiatus, probably obvious to anyone who's noticed my activity lately.
Estimated return date is the 18th, as I'll be back in school by then and have a more solid schedule.

Dreamwidth move for me might begin slowly if I have some time, but I will totes be available here until the final move.

Effects Norway and Yusei.


New Meat!

Hi guys! My name is Callie and I'll be bringing you Yazoo from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He is one of Sephiroth's remnants representing his logic and allure.

Um. I like animals and stuff. XD Annnnnd yeah!

I look forward to playing with you all!

Disco Broadcasting Reminder!

Hello and welcome to the second reminder post about spectavi done by us. Now!!! We still have plenty of room for more broadcasters, but i'm posting this as a reminder to everyone that INDEED you may still sign up!!

I have a list of possible program already made, but it can also be expanded upon further. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR PROGRAMS JUST YET I'm doing that in a special way, but this is so people know what I've already written down.

Program and volunteersCollapse )

Later I'm going to make a discussion plurk for the volunteers specifically, probably tonight or tomorrow, which we'll discuss a few things like when to broadcast and who gets what. Those members who cant get on plurk will be sent a message with the questions, so let me know if you can't get on plurk for obvious reasons! I'll do a mass announcement later, and that'll be our official post! Cool right....

This post is for suggesting other programs and volunteering, so have at thee, if that be your desire.


This isn't for me!! Shugo puppy babby-kins had a computer meltdown recently and asked if I would throw up a hiatus for her. It should only take a week to get it repaired. This affects just Eridan, and she still has access to aim if anyone needs her!


January Plotting Meme!

Character's Name/Journal: Name/Username
Residence: Where do they usually stay?
Jobs/tasks in Fortuna: What do they do? Help out at the bar or soup kitchen? Do they want to do anything?
Where can they be found?: Where do they hang out? Do they go to the bar every Friday night? Do they stay at home?
What have they been up to this month? What have they been doing? Working, training, hanging out with friends? Don't worry about summing it up in a sentence; a paragraph or two is fine!
Future plans?: Any plots in the works? Any plans?
Things you'd like to do!: Similar to future plans, maybe there's something you'd really like your character to do—like learn to fight with a sword, or teach pig Latin, or open a shoe store—and you aren't sure if anyone else is interested or able to help teach it.

Post your comment below, tag around, make CR and have fun!

We also put up a mirror of the meme on Dreamwidth over here, so feel free to use it!

pausing game for now.

Between upcoming finals, college apps, and other things that take up time, I think my activity here is going to be affected enough to warrant a hiatus

So I'm going to make it official and put myself on one so I can catch up with some stuff. I'll possibly be gone (or very, very sporadically tagging) until around the 20th. I'm sorry for the slowness, guys! :(




but I am dropping Lau for the time being. After being on hiatus so long and coming back and getting back into University stuff, I realized I am too busy and probably do not have the capacity for Rping two characters in one game at the moment. I may reapp Lau in the future, but for now he's going home.

Friend remove lostblacksouls.


HEY GUYS so I have tried to struggle with tags on LJ but recently the comments have stopped loading completely for me and I have to refresh like. 50 million times to get it to work. (It seems like this happens on some accounts more than others for some reason I don't understand). So it's kind of a huge hassle.

THAT BEING SAID if I have any tags with anyone who wouldn't mind doing them over at Dreamwidth, please let me know so we can keep them up! Otherwise I will be getting to the LJ tags... super slowly. So consider this a heads up of sorts.

That's all! ♥

Brief hiatus!

I have a friend over and she'll be here until the 10th. I don't get to see her very often because she lives far away, only on school breaks really, so I won't have much time to RP while she's here. I may still pop in to tag something every so often, but I figured I should still post this up to be safe.

Hungary will be on autopilot doing Hungary things. Yup.


Jan. 4th, 2012

Well, I haven't gotten any notifs for the last two days.  So I'm calling a hiatus for Conan and Takato until they start working again.  I'll still try to tag through any old comments, but leave me a message here if there are any tags you're waiting on.

I'm back

Hey guys, back from my vacation. Will be getting on the bandwagon and tagging the threads I left before my departure.

Canon update and Upcoming hiatus

So, I've been running out of ideas for 1967 China, therefore, starting today he'll be undergoing his canon update. He'll be back by the 10th and will be taken exactly from January 10, 2012. HOWEVER, he will have no memories of his two previous stays on Fortuna. Do not fret, though! As time goes by and people keep talking to him, he'll slowly start to regain his memories, little by little until he finally gets the whole picture! Of course, you are always more than welcome to mess with his head, or pretend that nothing ever happened at all C8 He'll be leaving behind his red silk clothes and photo album (both items received from the item rain), his twin hook swords, his bayonet rifle, handgun, and the two bags of rice. Feel free to use this post if you want to bring up/plot anything in the future. Also, Chinese New Year 2012 is going to be on January 23, so if he can find just enough food, he'll do something special for that day. I already play China from modern times in my other game, so I do much better with him from that time. Still, it was fun to play him from a past date~

Finally, I'm going to a con this weekend, so I'll be on hiatus from this Friday to the 9th, which affects Amaterasu. I promise cosplay pics when I return. Plus I can't wait to start using my new Nikon for real X3

Jan. 2nd, 2012

Helloooo Discedo, this is Märchen, and I'm bringing in Trucy Wright from Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice! She's post-canon, like dear old Daddy, and she'll be arriving in Spero, magic panties and all.

friend add sleightandsight or hover click

Additionally, I'm dropping Yulie. I love playing her, but she's just not working out with the game right now.

friend remove paladienne or hover click

i'm baaaaaack

Auuugh I'm baaaaaack! And I am soooo tired and extremely out of the loop. I'll get back to my old tags soon, but it might take a bit for me to get back into things since I've been gone for like two and a half weeks.


bat_schway and lostblacksouls are back.

All aboard the slowatus train, WoooWooo!

Ffff I hate taking two breaks so close together, but work has me absolutely swamped this week.
It's just a Slowatus, so I'll be around, but not to the extent I usually am. Sorry. :'c

Estimated full return to be the 7th or so.


Yeah. I'll be off for... shall I give myself two weeks? It turns out quitting your job and starting your own teaching studio takes a lot of your time. xD Back on the 14th! Sorry for the people whose tags are sitting in my inbox - let me know if you want to continue when I return, or should we just say they happened?

Back soon. :3



Hi all!

I have been pretty slow nonexistent these last few weeks because of exams and travel. I have decided that for my own rl reasons, it would be in my best interest to take a break from RP through the rest of my winter break from university. That means I won't be back to tags until around January 17th (my birthday!) when the semester starts again. I'll try and keep up on what's going on via plurk. Luke will be on autopilot.

Happy holidays, guys (even though I'm late!)